SEPB has adopted this system of Power Alerts to enable our customers to actively participate in managing our total power system load. By actively managing our use of electric power, SEPB and its customers can be successful in lowering wholesale costs and ultimately retail rates. SEPB will disseminate these alerts via SEPB Cable Ch. 2 as well as social media like X and Facebook and the SEPB website.

Green – Normal

SEPB advises customers that no conservation measures are needed or requested.

Yellow – Cation

SEPB advises customers that power costs have increased and customers are advised to conserve if possible. Summer – set thermostats to 78 or higher. Winter – set thermostats to 68 or lower. Delay any electric activity to other low-cost times.

IMPORTANT! Power conservation during YELLOW periods will save SEPB a significant amount of money on our wholesale (TVA) power costs which will result in overall lower retail rates for our customers.

Red – Stop!

SEPB advises customers to shut off all non-essential uses of electricity and delay any electric activity until this alert has been downgraded.

Pink – Critical!

SEPB advises that power shortages will occur and rolling black-outs maybe necessary to maintain stability of the electric grid. SEPB will work with TVA to take measures to protect the grid until the emergency has passed.